Our Story

Every business has a beginning, let us tell you ours.

Bierson’s owners, who formed the company in 1998, contribute over a half-century of combined experience and ingenuity in the 3-D laminate industry and the company’s aim has always been to pioneer and perfect new techniques that will distinguish them from other component manufacturers. When you work with Bierson you are partnering with a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic craftsmen who are dedicated to out-performing their competition offering valuable engineering and manufacturing solutions and providing your parts to spec and on time. Simply put, we’re making your success our top priority.


…as a team we thrive.

Meet Our Mgmt Team


Don, CEO

I promote ideas to convert material into products that exceed customer expectations. I seek to provide an environment that allows Bierson’s team to learn techniques, develop methods and apply these improvements to address the needs and concerns of our customers.


David, VP

I provide customer care, which covers providing pricing, finding design and material solutions for their unique projects and networking with other vendors to help our customer achieve success on their projects. Really anything that keeps the ball moving forward! My passion? Simple, connecting with people and helping them. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree (and just a class or two from a double Major in Communications – what was I thinking not to complete it), over a decade of GlobalShop attendance and exhibiting and many other trade events, and countless plant tours.



Lead Designer

As an engineer it’s great to be part of the process; from concept, design to production. With my background in architecture and construction, wood manufacturing is a thing of passion and pride. I strive to work as a team making quality parts to satisfy the customer while working to create better solutions and output along the way.



Operations Manager

I have been with Bierson off and on for nearly 9 years. I returned to Bierson after a hiatus which involved pursuing a Bachelors degree in Computer Science at Southern Oregon University. I am a product specialist who believes in always finding a way to make a project possible and each current program more efficient. Whether writing programs, machining, understanding the press cycle, or just brewing a dang strong cuppa Joe, I am always ready to jump in to understand and find a new solution. At the head of the floor think tank, the future of this Corp. will be nothing less than outstanding.



Logistics Coordinator & Data Entry Operator

Here at Bierson Corporation, I am the Logistics Coordinator as well as Data Entry Operator. I personally enter each order and coordinate all outgoing shipments. Each order we receive goes through a detailed and thorough order entry process. This is to ensure that we not only have the material needed for your order but that we can give you an accurate date of when it will be completed and shipped. Every product we ship is packaged with the individual needs of you and your product in mind. We pride ourselves in making sure your order arrives on time, meets your expectations and damage free.



, Payables, Receivables, Payroll, HR, and Inventory

I became a member of the Bierson Corporation family in 2008. Starting out as an Administrative Assistant, I rapidly learned the ropes and I now manage the operations of multiple departments relating to accounting, payables, receivables, payroll, human resources, and inventory procurement. My core objective is to support my peers and Bierson management in running a smooth well-oiled Bierson machine.

Summer, Marketing Director

I design, implement, research, analyze, and measure marketing strategies while elevating the Bierson brand. Ex nihilo nihil fit, market to create something.

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Duane, Press Lead in Training