Bierson innovates the manufacturing process, products for the design industry with component parts, architectural, hospitality, store fixtures industries in both the domestic and international markets. At our core, we are driven by innovative processes in the manufacturing to bring economical value to the end user. We apply that creative thought process to both product development and internal operations.


We understand that quality products can create demand for your designs. Whether you need a sample for a client or general knowledge from our excellent sales team, we are happy to help you put together the right mix of samples for your design. 



We love to find solutions and just the right mix of materials. Just because you do not see your project type here that does not mean the project is not in our wheelhouse. We strive to create a solution that will fit your needs.


Efficient Process

With Bierson you get the best in process design, systems, technology and expertise. Our seamless production flow provides cost efficient solutions for your most challenging projects with a timely response and the quality craftsmanship you demand.



The Right Technology

With the most productive equipment, manufacturing software, innovation and production process we have the ability to serve your needs. From small batch sizes to large multiple week shipments , our capabilities are in reach.


3-Axis CnC Machine Cutting and Routing. For complex shapes in MDF composite or natural wood, our high quality 3-axis CnC machines are equipped to machine the most challenging designs. Our machines have the ability to cut and rout up to 17 feet by 5 feet, this ability can save on labor and our ability to create large pieces my suit your single piece projects. To increase production time and efficiencies, our load bearing suction system fully integrates into our production processes for a seamless manufacturing flow from raw material to cutting, producing lowering labor costs and eliminating damage.


Membrane Pressing + Laminate Materials 3D Lamination. Our press can create a beautiful, durable and seamless finish. We have the ability to craft finish your products up to 8 inches by 4 inches in 3D laminates. Laminate parts allows for freedom in shape, color and texture at an affordable cost. Choose from choose from hundreds of other solids, wood grains, metallic, leather, fabric, stone, granite, marble , matte or high gloss look finishes from some of the industries top manufacturers of high quality laminates, including Ambtra, Kydex, Omnova, Renolit, and Riken.


We use custom colors, textures, shapes and materials to provide quality decorative and structural components for some of the country’s foremost companies. Our boxes, risers and cubes utilize miter folding to eliminate edge banding and seams making them visually appealing. Watch our video {} on the Bierson miter folding process to get a better idea on how it’s all made.

We also have the ability to edge band and we come up with innovative solutions for edge treatments if a seamless edge is not the solution that fits your project.


Advanced Adhesive Spraying System. With this glue system we can 3D press a wide variety of materials including veneers, high pressure laminate and even felt.


Automatic Bore/Dowel Insertion. We have the high capacity capability to drill, glue and insert dowels automatically with our Gannomat machining process. This process minimizes set-up and production times and compliments our assembly operations.

Clamp System. With minimum set-up time. our clamp technology reduces wait times for an efficient process compliment our production process, our new case clamp technology, provides our operators with a high degree of flexibility for rapid changes, adjustments and



Fulfillment Packing Technologies

Bierson offers full service fulfillment for your product packaging needs. We offer multiple sizes, bulk, individually wrapped, and boxed cartons. We strive to package your product in a cost-effective manner with our quality packaging solutions. We will meet your needs with our in house packing with pallets, boxes, skids, crates or other packaging.


Next Steps...

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