Your Components

Whether you service the retail, medical, or commercial interiors industries your components should be customized to fit the needs of your client. We use custom colors, textures and shapes to provide quality decorative and structural components for some of the country’s foremost companies. Our boxes, risers and cubes utilize miter folding to eliminate edge banding and seams making them visually appealing. Watch our video {} on the Bierson miter folding process to get a better idea on how it’s all made. 

Effectively Presenting Your Team’s Design

Effectively presenting your team’s designs to your customer will result in obtaining more business. The right presentation can make your design more desirable, steering customers roll out your design. Need help with a laminate sample for a presentation? Samantha works in our sales office as a laminate color and texture expert and is happy to help you put together the right finish samples for your next project presentation.

3D Laminated Parts – Healthcare, Retail Merchandising and Commercial Interiors 

Laminating parts with 3D laminates allows for freedom in shape, color and texture. The ability to adapt, coupled with the affordability makes 3D laminated parts from Bierson the ideal choice for your next project. Give us a call to get your next project started. 

Textured Panels

Add to the value of your interior space with textured seamless panels from Bierson. Everything about these panels will bring beauty to your environment.  

Custom: We Innovate

It’s in our DNA to find solutions and just the right mix of materials, so just because you don’t see your project type here does not mean it’s not in our wheelhouse. Contact us and we will strive to come up with a solution that will fit your needs.