Who can assist me – pretty much anyone who picks up the phone at Bierson, we want to help!

What services does Bierson offer – the manufacturing of custom and project specific components from non-ferrous materials and we specialize in 3D laminated components.

What are the design options with 3D Laminates – we source our laminates from the leading manufacturers around the world, thus our offerings include: wood grain, stone, metal, leather, high gloss finishes and abstract patterns.

What types of products are a fit for 3D lamination – where a seamless transition from the face surface to the sides is desirable. No ugly seams that can catch dirt and germs unlike edge banded High Pressure Laminates and Thermally Fused Melamine’s.

What environments are 3D laminated parts well suited – 3D laminates are designed for interior applications, i.e. Hospitals, Medical and Dental Offices, Commercial Offices, Retail Locations, Residential Cabinetry Doors, Drawer Fronts and Paneling.

What about durability – 3D laminates are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear and offer greater impact resistance than traditional laminates. The laminate manufacturers apply UV inhibitor that protects the material from color fading.

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