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Bierson Corporation based in Central Point, Oregon, has developed a national reputation for fashioning three-dimensional surfaces that simulate leather, wood grain, stone, metal, high gloss finishes and eye-catching etched patterns, while using a base of MDF (medium-density fiberboard).Often we cannot show you what we have made for our customers, however you’ve probably seen it the last time you were shopping or even at your doctors or dentist office. A partial list would include tops, bases, cubes, doors, shelves, signage, pilasters, pedestals, moldings, tabletops, desktops, work surfaces, countertops, fluted casings, and drawer fronts, cubes, risers, and speaker baffle boards. Our company excels at CNC machining with non-ferrous material (wood or plastic based material) because we have some of the best machining and pressing equipment in the industry coupled with a highly trained and motivated team.


With proprietary knowledge gained through our many years in the industry, we have uniquely configured our equipment to produce optimum performance and flexibility; making short lead-time manufacturing methods for both custom products and long runs of standard parts possible. We can tailor our lead-times to meet your production demands. You will not find large inventories at our plant; we run complete orders and that’s the way you’ll receive them. We also provide value-added services such as precision boring and drilling, eliminating the need for secondary manufacturing. Some of our other services include routing, v-grooving, miter folding, logo engraving, case-goods, RTA components, project engineering, prototyping, and subassembly.


INNOVATION. We strive to be the most INNOVATIVE in our field through process improvement that integrates corporate social responsibility and sustainability. ON TIME. We believe in corporate trust, we deliver on time and with your business success in mind. OTHERS MINDED. We are others minded, we believe in preserving the ENVIRONMENT, caring for all PEOPLE and creating the highest economic VALUE for our clients. QUALITY CONSCIOUS. We achieve this through company-wide involvement, integrating policy, and STANDARDS that surpass customer expectations. Through these focused principles of resilience and sustainability, we strive to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Story

Our Story

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